Precious Words Of Lord Ram

A man should fulfill his promises. There is no sorrow even if a man dies while fulfilling his promises.

No child can ever pay the debt of his parents. No matter how best he/she does for his/her parents. He/she can never be free from their debt.

Moon can leave it's glory, the ice of  Himalaya may melt,  the ocean can change it's coast, but I can never violate  the promise given by my father.

Man is known by his character. His character determines whether he is civilized or uncivilized, knowledgeable or ignorant, and fearless or cowardly.

The person who remains the same in happiness and sorrow is a real human. That person is real religious who knows that nothing is permanent, be it happiness or sorrow.

An angry person loses his ability to think. He does not know what is worthy of speaking and what is not.