Lord Ram – 9 Matchless Characteristics And 11 Precious Words

Writing and speaking anything about Lord Ram is like showing a lamp to the sun. An epic Ramcharitmanas has been written on his perfect character. The author of this epic is Tulsidas. Lord Ram is said to be the best avatar ever. Lord Ram was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who incarnated in Tretayuga.

Lord Ram – A Symbol Of Perfect Character And Efforts

The whole world knows about Lord Rama that he is known as Maryada Purushottam (The Supreme Man). He set an unforgettable example for the world by his demeanor and behavior. His conduct and words are incomparable.

If we read about the life of Lord Rama, it is known that his life has been a struggle from the beginning. He never deviated from his conduct and duties even in the midst of those struggles and difficulties. He always cited the example of a perfect son, husband, brother, friend, and king.

Lord Ram never backed down from his efforts even under difficult circumstances. The mantra of his life was, “our efforts may fail, but we should never be failed to make our efforts”. Due to his excellent character and qualities, a great sinner like Ravana took the name of the Lord while dying.

Lord Ram is worshiped all over the world due to his excellent character. Everyone wants a son, husband, king, and friend like him. Whenever there are difficulties in life, the devotees of Ram face those difficulties by raising the slogan of Jai Shree Ram.

Even a whole life is not enough to write about one quality of Lord Rama. But in this short article, we will discuss the qualities of God, by adopting which we can spend our life with happiness and peace even in the midst of difficulties and struggles.

Lord Ram
Lord Ram

The Unmatchable Character Of Lord Ram

The whole world is crazy about Lord Rama’s character. He offered an example from his character that will be remembered for ages. He sent his younger brother Laxman to his greatest enemy, Ravana, to acquire Vedic knowledge. Till date, we do not get to see and hear such an example.

The whole world is aware of Ram’s qualities. But there are some qualities of Ram which are very rare. Let us discuss those rare qualities of Lord Rama’s character, which are rarely mentioned.

1. Leadership

Lord Ram set an example of leadership that no one can match. It was the brilliance of his skilled and right leadership that his small monkey army defeated the skilled and huge army of Ravana.

A skilled leader understands and appreciates the importance of even the smallest act. Ram is a good example of this.

When Ram’s monkey army was building a bridge over the sea to go to Lanka, a small squirrel was also cooperating in the construction of the bridge according to her ability. She too was putting all her strength and putting small stones in the sea.

The apes were carrying very large stones and compared to them, the squirrel was able to lift very small stones. Seeing the squirrel doing this, the apes made fun of her a lot. The apes picked up the squirrel and threw her and she fell at the feet of Lord Rama.

Ramchandra lovingly caressed her by raising her hands and praised her amazing work. He explained to his monkey army that one should appreciate the motive behind that work, not the result of the work. Ramachandra allowed the squirrel to work in the construction of the pool.

There is a description in the epics that the same small stones of the squirrels served as the foundation for the big stones and saved the bridge from breaking.

A good leader gets his followers to do double the work of their ability and also gives a reward for that work. This lesson can be easily understood from the character of Ramchandra.

2. Inner Management

Here inner management is meant by our own mind and nature. Ramchandra’s inner management was amazing. If even a part of his character comes into us, it is as if the purpose of our life is fulfilled.

If we look at the life of Lord Ramchandra, then it is known that difficulties and troubles never left him. Out of all the difficulties he faced in his life, if one of the difficulties came in our life, then our mental balance is bound to deteriorate.

Ramchandra kept all his emotions (anger, jealousy, greed, impatience, etc.) under his control. He did not let any situation (good or bad) dominate his feelings and became the inspiration of inner management for all of us.

Ramchandra is worshiped all over the world because he never allowed the circumstances to dominate his state of mind. He remained the same even when there is happiness, sorrow, victory, defeat, gain, and loss. Even the gods yearn to have a balanced mind like him.

3. Acceptance

This is one of the important qualities of Lord Ram that hardly anyone ever discusses. His whole life is inspiring despite being struggling. He never blamed the circumstances for the difficulties. Whatever was good or bad in his life, he accepted it.

Acceptance here does not mean that if anything happens to us, we should not take any action. Lord Ram never offered such an example. Whatever was good or bad with him, he planned ahead and implemented it, not trying to change it. Let us look at some examples of this matchless quality of him:

  • A day before the coronation, he was given a decree of 14 years of exile. He accepted it without thinking for a moment.
  • Ravana kidnaps his wife (Devi Sita). In this terrible situation, one’s mental balance can be disturbed. But Lord Ram accepted this situation while keeping his state of mind balanced.
  • After coming back to Ayodhya, he had to abandon his wife (Goddess Sita) due to some circumstances. He also accepted that.

4. Identification Of Qualities Even In Demerits

Lord Ram is the best connoisseur. He is proficient in the art of finding one quality out of thousands of fortifications. Ravana, who was his biggest enemy and was full of fortifications, Ramachandra also found virtue in him.

Ravana was a great scholar and a great scientist. He was a scholar of Vedas and scriptures. When Lord Ram killed Ravana and he was about to die, Ramchandra sent his younger brother Lakshmana to him to get knowledge of Vedas and scriptures.

Nowadays this rare quality has become extinct from this world. We see only demerit around us. We do not even look at the qualities of our friends but only look at the demerits. The day we start looking at the qualities around us, rather than the demerits, our life will be successful on that day. it’s sure.

5. Gratitude

Lord Ram never stepped back in expressing his gratitude to anyone. He showed his gratitude to everyone who supported him in his work.

When Hanuman came to Ramchandra with the information of Goddess Sita, after hearing the news of Sita, he embraced Hanuman. Showing gratitude to Hanuman, he described Hanuman as equivalent to his younger brother Bharat.

When Sugriv (The king of Kishkindha) assisted Lord Ram with his entire army of monkeys to fight with Ravana, Ramachandra thanked Sugriva with folded hands.

There are many such stories in Ramayana where Ramchandra never hesitated to express his gratitude. If this quality is in us, then all our deteriorated relationships will improve and the whole world will love us.

6. Equality

Everyone is the same for Lord Ram. Every human being is equal to him. He has nothing to do with caste and religion. Considering all beings equal is one of the main qualities of Ramachandra.

This quality of Ramchandra is depicted with great beauty from the story of Shabari in Ramayana.

Shabrai was a low caste old lady who lived in the forest. When she got the information about Lord Rama’s arrival, she broke a lot of berries to feed Ramachandra. To check whether the berry is sweet or not, she tasted all the berries a little bit.

Knowing that all the berries are tasted by Shabari, Ramchandra ate all the berries with love and thanked Shabari for the hospitality. He saw the feelings hidden behind the tasted berries.

Ramchandra gave the biggest example of equality with his army of monkeys. Ram was God himself. To help them, an army of all the gods would have arisen. But he accepted the invitation of his friend Sugriva and fought Ravana with his monkey army.

7. Unlimited Patience

Lord Rama is worshiped as a symbol of patience. His life was full of unpleasant incidents. We have all read and heard about the events in his life.

The biggest feature of his character is that he did not lose his patience in any situation. He always kept his heart and mind under control.

When he needed a path from the sea to go to Lanka, he kept praying to the sea for 3 days. Eventually, the sea had to give way. We all know that the monkey army of Ramachandra built a bridge over the sea and reached Lanka.

8. Remorse

This is one of the very rare qualities of the character of Lord Rama. Very few people know that after killing Ravana, he went to the Himalayas and did penance to repent of killing Ravana.

Ramchandra regretted that he had killed a scholar and a devotee of Lord Shiva. To repent, he went to the Himalayas and did penance.

This quality of Ramchandra has become extinct from this world. We have become so blind in our selfishness that we harm even good people for our benefit. In today’s time, there is no importance of relationships and friendship. All relationships depend only on benefits.

9. Hospitality

Nobody can match Ramchandra in terms of hospitality. Friend or foe, every creature that comes to his door goes back only after being satisfied. Lord Ram welcomes and greets everyone equally without any discrimination.

When Ramachandra came back to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile, he thought of thanking his friend Sugriva. Ramachandra invited Sugriva’s army of monkeys to come to his palace.

There is a description in the epics that Ramachandra welcomed Sugriva’s army of monkeys, which the gods were also surprised to see. He greeted each monkey like a king.

When Vibhishana (Ravana’s brother) was driven out of Lanka by Ravana, Vibhishana came to Ram for help. Rama, knowing that Vibhishana is Ravana’s brother, gave proper hospitality to Vibhishana and gave shelter to him.

Precious Words Of Lord Ram

The words of any incarnation of God did not have as much impact on human civilization as that of Ramachandra. A person can achieve success in life by following Ramchandra’s character and his words. His precious words are as relevant today as they were 10000 years ago.

Let’s read some of Ramachandra’s precious words:

  1. If a man wants to be happy always, then this is his illusion. Happiness and misery in human life keep on coming and going.
  2. A man should fulfill his promises. There is no sorrow even if a man dies while fulfilling those promises.
  3. No child can ever repay the debt of his parents. No matter how best he/she does for his parents, he/she can never be free from their debt.
  4. The moon can leave its glory, the ice of the Himalayas may melt, the ocean may change its coast, but I can never violate the promise given by my father.
  5. Man is known by his character. His character determines whether he is civilized or uncivilized, knowledgeable or ignorant, and fearless or cowardly.
  6. The wise man always guesses the problems to come. In this way, he makes complete preparations to deal with the problems.
  7. Just as people kill a poisonous snake, so is the end of unrighteous, vicious, and cruel sinners by the people.
  8. An angry person loses his ability to think. He does not know what is worthy of speaking and what is not. An angry person harms the whole society along with him.
  9. The person who remains the same in happiness and sorrow is a real human. That person is real religious who knows that nothing is permanent, be it happiness or sorrow.
  10. Problems come in everyone’s life. But the real warrior is the one who fights the war of his life regardless of victory and defeat.
  11. There are three main causes of destruction:
    • Theft of the wealth of others
    • The evil eye on the wife of others
    • Doubt on the integrity of friends


  1. Q: How Many Siblings Did Lord Ram Have?

    Ans: Ramchandra had three brothers. Bharat, Laxman, and Shatrughan.

  2. Why Do We Worship Ram?

    Ans: Ramchandra presented an example of an amazing character in front of the whole world. Actually, we worship the character of Ram. We pray to God that his qualities also come in us.

  3. Who Wrote Ramayana?

    Ans: Valmiki.

  4. Which Is The Best Epic Written On The Character Of Lord Rama?

    Ans: Ramcharitmanas.


Lord Rama is worshiped everywhere. He presented an example of a perfect character in front of the world. Such a character has never been born and never will be. Due to his excellent character, he has been given the title of Maryada Purushottam (The Supreme Man).

His life was full of difficulties from the beginning. But he never shirked from his duty. He faced all the difficulties of life patiently.

We get to learn a lot from his character, like leadership, love, inner management, compassion, acceptance, gratitude, equality, patience, etc. If all these qualities come in us, then all the world will be in our footsteps.

The whole world is crazy about the words spoken by Lord Ram. There is a wealth of wisdom hidden in his every word. If we follow the words of Lord Rama, we will achieve success as well as fame.

If you also want to succeed in life and want to make yourself so that the problems of life do not spoil you, then you will have to adopt the qualities of Lord Ram. If their qualities come into you then you will become the lord of all the three worlds. So let’s say loudly “Jai Shree Ram” in praise of Ramachandra.

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