Jaipur Vipassana Meditation Center. Full Information With Timetable And Courses

Vipassana is one of the major spiritual paths. It has centers in more than 90 countries of the world. Vipassana is taught at these centers. Jaipur Vipassana Meditation Center is one of the major centers of the world. Let’s know a little about it.

Jaipur Vipassana Center (Dhamma Thali)

If you want to enjoy learning and doing Vipassana Meditation by staying amidst the mountains and natural beauty, then Jaipur Vipassana Meditation Center (Dhamma Thali) is one of the best choices. Jaipur Vipassana Center is named among the best centers in the world.

Jaipur Meditation Center is also known as Dhamma Thali. It is 12 km away from Jaipur Railway Station and 15 km from Jaipur Airport. It is situated at a height between the beautiful mountains. Its natural beauty and peace fascinate us. After reaching here, we will hear only the sound of monkeys and peacocks.

In this article, we shall understand the Vipassana Meditation along with a little glimpse of Jaipur Vipassana Meditation Center. We shall also know the rules and daily routine of this center.

What Is Vipassana?

Vipassana means “ To See The Things, As They Really Are . ”. It is one of the oldest and rare meditation techniques of India. It was discovered by Gautam Buddha about 2500 years ago.

In Vipassana, we go into the depths of our subconscious mind and bring out hidden impurities ( Sankharas ) of the mind such as anger, greed, hatred, jealousy, etc. through physical sensations. When those impurities (Sankharas) come out in the form of physical sensations, then we destroy them by keeping our mind in Equanimity. In this way, we are free from all the impurities one by one through Vipassana and live a life of happiness, peace, and bliss. Vipassana has innumerable benefits.

To learn Vipassana, we have to enroll in its 10-day residential course. The form has to be filled on the official website of Vipassana. There are also some personal questions in the form. We are notified by email and phone a few days after applying. For the first three and a half days of this course, we practice Anapana to keep our mind subtle and focused. After that, we are made to practice Vipassana.

This course is free. People of any caste, religion, sect, and age can apply for this course and learn it. There is neither age limit nor religion to learn this meditation technique. When we are invited for the course, we have to learn this by staying at Jaipur Vipassana Meditation Center ( Dhamma Thali ) for a full 10 days.

How To Reach Jaipur Vipassana Center (Dhamma Thali)?

We can easily reach Jaipur by air, road, and railway route. Jaipur is one of the major cities of India and is also the capital of Rajasthan.

Address Of Jaipur Vipassana Meditation Center:

Sisodia Rani Bagh
Galta Road, Near Galta Temple
Jaipur – 302027

  • Both auto-rickshaw and taxi are easily available outside Platform No 1 for students coming from the train.
  • Auto-rickshaws are available from the Sindhi Camp bus stand for the students coming by bus.
  • Students coming by air can also easily reach the Jaipur Vipassana  Meditation Center ( Dhamma Thali ) by taking taxis or auto-rickshaws.

Little Glimpse Of Jaipur Vipassana Center (Dhamma Thali)

Jaipur Vipassana Meditation Center is a very beautiful place. It is a grand center spread over about 4 acres of land. It is one of the major meditation centers not only in India but all over the world. On coming here, we get to see students from different countries. Before the start of the course, it seems as if a world fair has been organized by seeing a crowd of students from different countries.

The route to the Center is also very delightful. We reach the center, seeing beautiful mountain views and different kinds of animals and birds. Let’s get a little more information about the Center:

Entry Gate

The center starts from here. The grandeur of this center and Vipassana can be understood by looking at this gate.

Entry gate at Jaipur vipassana meditation centre.
Entry Gate At Jaipur Vipassana Center | Image Credit: Dhamma Thali

Registration Hall

A little further inside the entrance is the Registration Hall. Here students from India and abroad are registered in the course. After the end of the course, there is a fair of books and CDs related to Vipassana in this hall.

Registration hall at Jaipur Vipassana centre ( Dhamma Thali)
Registration Hall At Jaipur Vipassana Center ( Dhamma Thali) | Image Credit: Dhamma Thali

Conference Hall At Jaipur Vipassana Center (Dhamma Thali)

It is a very spacious hall. Before the commencement of the course, all students are summoned to this hall and brief information about Vipassana is given. The rules and daily routine of the Jaipur Vipassana Center are also told. Later, it is used as the dining hall.

Walking Place

This area is very beautiful. This path, decorated with trees, plants, and flowers, is adorable. During the break, we can walk here. Here we get the privilege of seeing peacock (the national bird of India). Innumerable monkeys are also seen here.

Walking Place at Jaipur Vipassana Center.
Walking Place At Jaipur Vipassana Center (Dhamma Thali) | Image Credit: Dhamma Thali

Meditation Hall At Jaipur Vipassana Center (Dhamma Thali)

This is indescribable. The grandeur and decency of this hall cannot be described in words. This is an underground hall. This huge and grand hall describes the greatness of Vipassana without words.

This hall has a capacity of 200 students. This hall has been constructed in such a way that the temperature remains the same in every season. On entering the hall on the first day, we realize the positive energy here.

Meditation Hall at Jaipur Vipassana Center ( Dhamma Thali)
Meditation Hall At Jaipur Vipassana Centre (Dhamma Thali) | Image Credit: Dhamma Thali

Teacher Accommodation

A short distance from the meditation hall is the Teacher Accommodation. It is no less than a bungalow. During the entire course, students are not allowed to go to the teacher’s room.

Teacher's Room At Jaipur Vipassana Center ( Dhamma Thali )
Teacher Accommodation At Jaipur Vipassana Centre | Image Credit: Dhamma Thali

Student Accommodation

There are rooms for students to stay behind the conference hall. Rooms are simple but full of amenities. Lights, fans, bedding, blankets, cushions, etc. are available. There is also a system of hot water. There are at most 2 students in a room.

Student Accommodation at Jaipur Vipassana Meditation Center ( Dhamma Thali )
Student Accommodation At Jaipur Vipassana Center | Image Credit: Dhamma Thali

Rules At Jaipur Vipassana Meditation Center (Dhamma Thali)

Vipassana is not easy to learn. It requires hard work and perseverance. There are some rules at every center to learn Vipassana. These rules are the same at Vipassana Centers all over the world. Every student has to follow these rules strictly. Such as:

  • Noble Silence
  • Abstain from killing, telling lie, Intoxicants, sexual activities, and stealing
  • Time Table has to be strictly followed
  • No exercise
  • Full prohibition of worship and chanting


Jaipur Meditation Center (Dhamma Thali) gives us the pleasure of learning Vipassana  by staying in the lap of nature. Students from different countries have changed their lives by learning Vipassana from here. By coming here, we get to know the greatness of Vipassana and also get a golden opportunity to learn this precious technique. Other courses of Vipassana are also conducted here.

Rules and timetables have to be strictly followed to learn Vipassana. During this time, we also have to go through difficulties. We have to learn Vipassana while facing those difficulties very patiently. We can contact the teacher to answer the questions that arise in the mind.

We have made a small effort to give information about Jaipur Vipassana  Meditation Center (Dhamma Thali) through this article. Hope you liked this article.

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