Glory And Significance Of Jai Shree Ram

Jai Shri Ram means “Lord Shri Ram’s victory”. The whole life will fall short for the glorification of this sentence. Prabhu Shri Ram’s life was conflicting from the very beginning. We get to learn many things from his life.

Full Explanation Of Jai Shree Ram

Jai Shree Ram is not just a sentence but a Mahamantra (The Holy Words). As we have already told you that this Mahamantra literally means “Lord Shri Ram’s Victory”. Lord Shri Ram faced all the difficulties in his struggling life by laughing and conquering them all.

Lord Shri Rama was the most powerful and Supreme Being. He was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Now the question arises that when Lord Shri Ram was so powerful then what was the need of this sentence to him? In the battle of Ramayana, we have all read and heard that the monkey army of Lord Ram fought and won the strong army of Ravana, chanting the slogan of Jai Shree Ram.

The reality is that we need this slogan, not Lord Ram. We increase our confidence by chanting Jai Shree Ram. We try to bring the qualities of God inside us by raising the slogan of Jai Shree Ram.

By chanting this holy sentence, we pray to the Lord that the way he faced all the difficulties of his life patiently and overcame those difficulties, let the Lord give us the same strength. That’s why we all should always keep on worshiping Lord Shree Ram. There are countless songs available in praise of Shree Ram. We can hum the name of Lord Shree Ram through those songs.

We must take the name of the Lord himself, and also inspire others to chant the name of Lord Shree Ram. The best way to do this is to use SMS.

Although not all of us are equal to the dust of the feet of Lord Ram, the chanting of these holy words gives us the energy to face difficulties.

In this article, we will discuss the glory and importance of “Jai Shree Ram”. We will also discuss what positive changes come in our life and conduct by regular chanting of this holy sentence.

Glory Of Jai Shree Ram
Jai Shree Ram

Glory Of Jai Shree Ram

Our mind gets peace as soon as the name of Lord Shree Ram. The name of the Lord is still saving billions of living beings. The glory of the name of the Lord is infinite. The name of Ram has the full power of the universe. Many births will fall short to describe his glory. Let us read some of the glories of this holy sentence which are described in the scriptures.

  • It is written in the scriptures that a person should chant the name of Jai Shree Ram or Ram throughout his life. A man who does not do this and indulges in vile things is like a foolish person who has taken a piece of glass by throwing a philosopher’s stone in his hand.
  • Tulsidas says that the name of Ram in today’s age is similar to that of Wish-Fulfilling Divine Tree that does the welfare of man. Only the name of the Lord can get rid of the vicious cycle of this dark age. Poor Tulsi also became Tulsidas by chanting Jai Shree Ram.
  • While chanting Jai Shree Ram, Lord Hanuman, the supreme devotee of God, crossed the sea in search of Sita and found her. While chanting the name of the Lord, Hanuman lifted the entire Govardhan mountain and saved the life of Lakshman.
  • The glory of the Lord’s name is so miraculous that the stones float on the water due to his name being inscribed. Lord Ram’s army had tied a bridge over the sea to Sri Lanka by writing the name of Lord Shree Ram on the stones.
  • It is written in the scriptures that Lord Shree Ram has been praised in more than a hundred billion words. Each of its characters is capable of destroying enormity like killing.
  • It has been said in the scriptures that even by deception, by chanting Jai Shree Ram or Ram, all sins are destroyed as if cotton is consumed by burning in fire.
  • Tulsidas has written that the name of Ram is such a medicine that if his name is taken with full faith, one gets freedom from even the biggest disease.
  • Kabirdas says that by chanting the name of Ram, one gets rid of all sins. We should understand the importance of the holy sentence Jai Shree Ram and keep chanting the name of the Lord all the time while sleeping and walking.
  • The scriptures describe that a person who prays Jai Shree Ram every time he/she sleeps, wakes, sits, walks, eats, and drinks, goes to heaven.

The Description Of The Glory Of Shree Ram By Lord Krishna

The glory of the holy sentence of Jai Shree Ram can be estimated from the fact that Lord Shri Krishna, the lord of the three worlds, has also told about the benefits of chanting the name of Ram. Let us know what Lord Krishna says about the name of Lord Rama. Krishna tells Arjuna that;

  • A person who chants the name of Ram, if that person is childless, then he gets a son.
  • Whoever worships Rama day and night is sure to have happiness in his house.
  • The one who chanted Jai Shree Ram as if he/she took bath in holy rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Indus, Pushkar, Narmada, etc.
  • The one who chanted the name of Ram as if visited the four pilgrimages.
  • Even all the pilgrimage sites of the world cannot equal the glory of Ram.
  • One who always takes the name of Rama, as if he/she had done all the holy deeds like charity and penance.
  • The one who took the name of Ram, as if he/she donated the rice balls in Gaya (a holy place).
  • One who chanted the name of Ram as if he/she had studied the four Vedas and liberated the three worlds.
  • The biggest pilgrimage on this earth is the name of Ram.
  • The person who dies after taking the name of Ram, goes to the abode of Lord Rama, saving ten thousand generations.
  • A person who takes the name of Rama in the morning and evening is also freed from sins such as child murder and female murder.

The Description Of The Glory Of Lord Rama By Lord Shiva

Ram’s name is very dear to Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva himself has called “Jai Shree Ram” a holy sentence. This name is so dear to Shiva that he meditates only on the name of Ram. Let us know what Lord Shiva says about the name of Ram. Lord Shiva says:

  • I salute him/her thrice who calls me Jai Shree Ram or Ram-Ram once.
  • I love Ram’s name so much that I go to the crematorium to hear the Lord’s name, and I apply the ashes of the body of the dead person because of which people have taken the name of my very dear name.
  • Taking the name of Ram once is the same as taking the divine name a thousand times.
  • The chant of Jai Shree Rama takes away all disasters and bestows happiness.
  • This holy sentence gives freedom from the cycle of life and death. A man comes into this world and gets entangled in the web of fascination and illusion and cannot get out of it till death. The chanting of Lord Shri Ram frees us from this trap.
  • By chanting the name of Ram, man gets freedom from the biggest sins.

The Amazing Benefits Of Chanting Jai Shree Ram

There are endless benefits of taking the name of Lord Ram. This whole life is too short to count those benefits. The name of the Lord benefits us not only in this birth but in many lives. Let’s learn about some of the most important benefits from the infinite benefits of taking the name of Lord Ram.

1. Our Mind Is Always Calm And Happy

This is one of the most important benefits of these holy words. We all want to live a life of happiness and peace, but the events of the past and planning for the future always keep us unhappy. We never get out of this trap of sorrow.

By chanting the name of Lord Shree Ram, our sorrows are instantly destroyed. There is so much power and energy in these holy words of Jai Shri Ram that even the greatest of sorrows cannot stand before these holy words.

It is very important to remain calm in difficult circumstances and in times of sorrow. If our mind does not remain calm under adverse circumstances, then we lose ourselves. Chanting these holy words does not distract the mind even under the most difficult circumstances and is always happy.

2. We Get The Energy And Strength To Face The Difficulties

Difficulties will come in different forms as long as there is life. If we look at the life of Lord Ram, then his life was full of struggles and difficulties. In those difficulties and adversity, he faced them with patience and fearlessness, giving examples of high-quality character. Lord Ram emerged victorious in every struggle of life.

Chanting the holy words of Jai Shree Ram increases our enthusiasm. Its regular chanting brings new energy and power to us. There is so much power in these holy words that we can easily face even the biggest of difficulties. These holy words are the storehouse of power and energy.

By chanting the name of Lord Ram, we pray to him that we also get the same strength and energy as him. The Lord is so powerful that even a fraction of his power is sufficient for the victory of the three worlds.

3. Our Patience Grows

Today, impatience is one of the biggest problems of human life. Today we all have become so impatient that there is no limit. An impatient person can never be successful in life. Lord Ram is a symbol of patience. There were so many problems in his life, but he never lost his patience. He patiently endured and overcome every problem in life.

Chanting Lord Rama’s name instills patience in us. Like the Lord, we wait for the right time and the right situation and are not impatient.

4. Instills Compassion In Us

There is no one else who is as merciful as Lord Shri Ram. He is the ocean of mercy and compassion. He has the same compassion for humans, animals, and birds. Being unhappy in the sufferings of others and being happy in the happiness of others is one of the best qualities of Lord Ram.

Chanting holy words of Jai Shri Ram instills in us a sense of compassion and mercy, just like Lord. We think of others more than ourselves. Do not harm anyone and play an important role in building a good society.

5. Our Self-Confidence Grows

The problem of lack of self-confidence is centuries old. Despite having a wealth of qualities and abilities, we are not able to succeed in life due to a lack of confidence. We blame our destiny on our failures.

On the contrary, people with lesser abilities also achieve success on the strength of abundant confidence. Lord Ram faced many failures in his life but all those failures could not shake Lord’s confidence even a little. The failures further strengthened the Lord’s confidence.

The chanting of Jai Shree Ram gives a miraculous boost to our confidence. The fear of failure comes out of us and we can take concrete and tough decisions without fear.

6. We Become Dutiful

This is the most important benefit of chanting the holy words of Jai Shree Ram. There are many moments in social, family, and business life when we start withdrawing from our duty. It happens to everyone. There are two main reasons for this: greed and fear. We never ask ourselves whether this is right?

Man is unable to perform his duties by being trapped in the illusion of fear and greed and harms himself as well as others.

All the fear and greed in us is destroyed by the regular chanting of Lord Ram’s name. We perform our duties without fear and greed. Under no circumstances do we back down from our duties and cooperate in building a better society.

7. We Become Cultured

In today’s time, cultures are becoming extinct. TV and Mobile have captured the minds of us and children so much that what is shown in it, the cultures are made in us. The lack of good values ​​in us is the main reason for the increasing crimes in society. The time to come is going to be more frightening.

Chanting the holy words of Jai Shree Ram is the most effective solution to this problem. These holy words create good values ​​and destroy bad values ​​within us and our children.

8. We Move From Materiality To Spirituality

By continuously chanting Jai Shree Ram, our attachment to this artificial world gradually decreases. We start to understand that we are just travelers in this world. Attachment to this material world can only hurt.

On the contrary, we start having attachment towards the spiritual world, which is a permanent world. Nothing changes there. The happiness found in the spiritual world is bestowed by Lord Rama himself, which is permanent.


  1. Q: When Can We Chant Holy Words Of Jai Shree Ram?

    Ans: These holy words can be chanted at any time.

  2. Q: What Is The Method Of Chanting These Holy Words?

    Ans: There is no method of chanting these holy words. We can chant Jai Shree Ram anytime while sleeping, awake, sitting, walking, eating, reading, and playing.

  3. Q: Why Is “Jai Shree Ram” Called Holy Words?

    Ans: The sins of many births are washed away by its regular chanting and the person goes directly to the abode of Lord Rama. It has been called the holy words because of its incomparable glories.


Chanting Jai Shree Ram leads us to liberation. There is no sin that does not get washed away by chanting the holy words of Jai Shree Ram. These great words have also been glorified by Lord Krishna and Shiva.

There are innumerable benefits of chanting these holy words. It brings astonishing and positive changes to our lives. These holy words can be recited anytime and anywhere. Even after listening to these holy words, which frees the fascination of this world and from the trap of the material world, many people’s sins are washed away.

If you too want to live your life with happiness, peace, and bliss, then come to Lord Ram’s shelter today and say loudly “Jai Shree Ram”.

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