Famous And Heart-Touching Quotes Of Shree Ram.

“Jai Shree Ram”, these three words are wonderful in themselves. People send each other Poetries, Jai Shree Ram Quotes, and SMS in praise of Lord Ram. There are miraculous qualities in the name of the Lord. That is why Jai Shree Ram is also called the Holy Words.

Jai Shree Ram Quotes

Thousands of songs and hymns have been sung in praise of Lord Ram. The Leela of Lord Rama is such that the devotees never tire of praising him. The devotees of the Lord have written innumerable quotes in his praise. Tulsidas wrote an epic called Ramcharitmanas on the great character of Lord Rama.

Let us read some beautiful and famous Jai Shree Ram Quotes written in praise of Ram.

Quote 1

“If someone challenges us in the battle, we will definitely fight him. Even if it is the death itself.”

Meaning: Lord Rama was born in the Kshatriya dynasty. He is saying that if someone challenges a Kshatriya for war, then it is his duty to accept this challenge. Cowardice does not suit a Kshatriya.

Quote 2

“Even if one’s father is a misdemeanor, even if the world abandons him, it is the duty of the son to worship the father like God.”

Meaning: We should give the status of God to our father. Whatever be the character of the father (good or bad), we should serve him considering him as equal to God.

We get this life only because of our father. Every drop of blood is indebted to our father. Insulting the father is like insulting God.

Quote 3

“Those who praise your work in front of you and spoil your work behind your back, such people are like snakes. It is better to stay away from them.”

Meaning: There are sycophants lying around us. These sycophants for their own benefit praise us in front of us and slander us behind us. Such people are dangerous and we should stay away from such people.

Quote 4

“Before speaking, words are in the control of man,
But after speaking, man becomes under the control of words.”

Meaning: We should think a thousand times before speaking anything. The wrong choice of words spoils the built relationship. If we talk thoughtfully, then our relationship will never deteriorate and the spoiled relationship will also improve.

Quote 5

The spoken word is such a thing, because of which a person,
Either gets into the heart or gets out of the heart.”

Meaning: The words spoken by us decide how we will have relationships with others in this world. If our speech is sweet then people will automatically start liking us. And if there is bitterness in our speech then people will automatically start disliking us.

Quote 6

“The person who does not discriminate against anyone and treats everyone well, that person makes great progress in life.”

Meaning: God has made all of us human beings equal. Discriminating human beings is tantamount to insulting God. A true person is one who gives equal feeling to all.

Quote 7

“Non-violence is the supreme religion and condemnation of others is the biggest sin.”

Meaning: It is said in the scriptures that we should not kill any living being or hurt anyone. To kill or hurt someone in this creation of God means to make God unhappy.

Quote 8

“Situations don’t become a problem for us,
Problems arise when we do not know how to deal with situations.”

Meaning: There are good and bad times in everyone’s life. Everyone goes through good and bad situations in their lifetime. Whatever be the situation (good or bad), if our state of mind is good, then the situation cannot harm us.

The best example of this is Lord Ram. His life was full of adversity. Even in those adverse circumstances, he kept his state of mind under control and succeeded.

Quote 9

“Mother and Motherland are greater than heaven.”

Meaning: Heaven is at the feet of the mother. In the scriptures, the mother has been described as greater than God. Serving a mother is like offering food to God. Similarly, our birthplace is also more than heaven for us.

The part of the earth on which we were born and saw new dimensions of life, that earth has been described as a holy place in the scriptures.

Quote 10

“Only the timid and weak people rely on luck,
But those who are fearless and strong never rely on luck.”

Meaning: We should trust our deeds more than our destiny. If actions are done in the right direction then fate can also be changed. Only weak and cowardly people depend on luck.

Quote 11

“No one can repay the debt of his parents.”

Meaning: Parents have a great debt on us. There is no such work in this world by which the debt of parents can be repaid.

Quote 12

“The real condition of any person is known by his conduct.”

Meaning: Man’s behavior reflects his condition. If he is in a good condition then there is confidence in his words and behavior. Similarly, if he is in a bad condition, then his language and behavior are like that of a lowly one.

Quote 13

“I am well acquainted with the behavior of relatives,
They take pleasure in the troubles of their relatives.”

Meaning: This is the bitter reality of life. Our relatives always wait for our bad times. Our bad times are golden times for them. We are sad in our bad times but they are happy in our sorrows.

Quote 14

“Kindness, Goodwill, and Humanity are great virtues.”

Meaning: Humanity is a great virtue. In the scriptures, qualities like humanity and kindness have been described as high level. If we have these qualities in us then we are really religious.

Quote 15

“It is futile to talk of agreement with the wicked and demons or to speak in meek words,
Similarly, giving a small gift to a rich person is also useless.”

Meaning: A wicked person is a fool. Being subdued in his/her nature, he/she does foolish acts. Talking about a settlement in front of him/her is pointless.

In the same way, giving a gift less than what he deserves to a rich person is also futile. That gift has no value to that rich person.

Quote 16

“The advice of the learned and wise is the basis of victory.”

Meaning: Battles are not won by force and strength alone. Along with force and strength, it is also necessary to have courage and a knowledgeable guide.

Even if we have less strength, but if we get the support of an experienced guide, then the war can be won on the basis of the right policies. The battle of Ramayana and Mahabharata are direct proof of this.

Quote 17

“A spiritless, weak, and sad person cannot do any good work,
He goes on drowning in the depths of sorrow.”

Meaning: This quote of Lord Ram presents the principle of life. Lord Ram is saying that when a person is sad, all the enthusiasm of his/her life ends. He/she only cares about himself/herself. A person who is self-centered can never do good things for himself/herself and for others.

Quote 18

“The tears of a virtuous woman do not fall in vain on the earth,
They destroy them, due to which they came out.”

Meaning: Women have been given a very high position in the scriptures. Women are the form of Goddess. Mother’s place is higher than God’s. And a virtuous woman is worthy of worship.

The crying of a virtuous woman and the crying of a goddess are the same. Whoever makes her cry by hurting her, is sure to be annihilated.

Quote 19

“Friendship and enmity should always be made with equals.”

Meaning: This is life’s lesson. If there is no equality in friendship, then arrogance and inferiority complex are sure to come. That’s why we should make friends according to our status.

Similarly, it is foolish to enmity with a person who is stronger than you. Enmity with someone more powerful than you is like inviting your own destruction.

Quote 20

“Do not be sad thinking that what the Creator has written in your destiny cannot be changed.”

Meaning: Destiny can also be changed if work is done in the right direction. It is foolish to leave the difficulties in your life to fate. Fools always blame fate for their life’s troubles while wise people act against their troubles.

Quote 21

“There are rare people who do not get frustrated and confused in the face of adversity.”

Meaning: The difference between the knowledgeable and the ignorant has been clarified through this quote. The wise man knows that nothing is permanent in this world. If there is happiness then there will be sorrow and if there is sorrow then there will be happiness. He does not get distracted by this game of happiness and sorrow and remains the same in both situations.

On the contrary, a foolish person enjoys the days of happiness and cries when sorrow comes in life. He/she knows neither the eternal law of the universe nor the game of his/her mind.

Quote 22

“There is great power in enthusiasm,
Nothing is impossible for an enthusiastic person.”

Meaning: It is very important to have enthusiasm in life. Big things can be done easily on the strength of enthusiasm. If we have power but no enthusiasm then that power cannot harm even an ant.

An ant can even defeat an elephant with little strength and extreme enthusiasm. An enthusiastic person is of no use. He is a burden on himself, his family, and his society.

Quote 23

“Everyone makes mistakes,
There is no creature that has not made a mistake.”

Meaning: Man is an effigy of mistakes. If we make a mistake, there is nothing to panic or be ashamed of. We learn and grow from our mistakes. The mistake was also done by Lord Ram, who could not understand the deceit of the golden deer.

Quote 24

“Do any work to the best of your ability,
Because what we do today, we get the result of it in the future.”

Meaning: Our future rests on our present. If we want to make our future good then we have to do good work in the present.

Quote 25

“Start from where you are,
use what you have,
And do what you can.”

Meaning: This is life’s lesson. Most people blame lack of resources for their failure. This is untrue. History is witness that even those who have made records, also lacked resources.

If we want to taste success in life, then we have to start work by making the best use of whatever resources are available to us. If we make good efforts with limited resources then success will come automatically.

Quote 26

“It is not important what you get after achieving the goal,
What is important is what you become after achieving the goal.”

Meaning: It is easy to be successful but it is difficult to handle yourself after success. Success should never be allowed to dominate your character. By getting caught in the trap of success, money, and fame, a person gets deluded and makes life worse.

A wise person is one who does not get deluded when he gets success and does not panic when he gets failure. He knows that nothing is eternal. Today there is money, name, and fame. Tomorrow can snatch everything.

Quote 27

“Always keep your eyes on the sky,
And keep the feet on the ground.”

Meaning: We should always keep our goal big and think big. The bigger the goal, the bigger the actions. The bigger the action, the bigger the success.

Whether we get success or not, our mind should always be in our control. We should neither get arrogant when we get success nor despair when we get failure.

Quote 28

“It doesn’t matter how slow you go,
until you stop.”

Meaning: Success comes only by keeping trying. The joy of success is only when it is met by efforts. Our efforts may fail, but we should never be short of trying. Even after failing thousands of times, we should not stop in despair. This is the way to live life.

Quote 29

“Never tell your secrets to anyone,
This habit of yours can ruin you.”

Meaning: We should not share our personal things with anyone. Anyone can do bad to us by taking advantage of it.

Quote 30

“Leaving your home and living in someone else’s house is the most painful thing.”

Meaning: Whether your house is big or small, like a palace or like a hut, it is heaven. It is very painful and shameful to leave your home and stay at others’ houses.

Quote 31

“Friends are tested in trouble and life partner is tested when all your wealth is exhausted.”

Meaning: A true friend is one who may or may not be with you in happiness but is with you in times of sorrow. In the same way, a virtuous wife is one who remains equal in the wealth and poverty of her husband.

Our Words

The number of Jai Shree Ram quotes is infinite. The qualities of Lord Ram are also infinite. We have made a small effort to present you with the famous Jai Shree Ram Quotes.

Every word spoken by Lord Ram is wondrous and heart-touching. Along with listening to his words, we should also adopt them in our life.

Success, happiness, and contentment will touch your feet by understanding Jai Shee Ram Quotes and applying them in life. We hope and have full faith that you will definitely adopt Jai Shree Ram Quotes in your life.

Thanks for encouraging us by reading Jai Shree Ram Quotes.

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