How To Register For Vipassana Meditation In India

Step-By-Step Process Of Registering In Vipassana Meditation In India

This question is often asked how to register for Vipassana Meditation in India. This is a very easy process. Let’s learn this simple process step by step:

STEP 1: Open the portal by clicking this link. This page will appear on your screen.

How to register for Vipassana Meditation In India
Vipassana Course Application Form

STEP 2: Choose the category you fall in (New Student, Old Student, Children/Teen, or Executive). Also choose the course date, country state, desired center, course, and language. After selecting all, click submit. See the screenshot below, for example

Second page of Vipassana course application form
Select The Date & Your Desired Center

STEP 3: After clicking submit, a new page will appear on the screen. If the seats are available at the date you want at your chosen center, then the option of that center will appear and if the seats are not available, then options will appear on the screen of other centers where seats are available in your selected state or city.

If the seats are not available in your desired center, you can try again by changing the date otherwise click on the apply button below any other center appearing on the screen.

In this example, we applied for the Dhamma Vipula Center in Navi Mumbai, but seats are not available at our selected center. Now we will apply for Dhamma Kondanna.

List Of Centers

STEP 4: After clicking the apply, the page that appears on the screen, there are some questions in which you have to answer Yes or No. With this, you also have to select your country. Click “Yes, I Accept” after reading the Terms of Policy. Then click the “NEXT” button.

Fourth step of Registration for Vipassana Meditation course
Your General Information Asked For The Course

STEP 5: On the next page, the rules and timetables of the course and Vipassana Center are described. Only after understanding them well, click on the “NEXT” button.

STEP 6: Now, a page of the Application Profile Information will appear on your screen. In this, the following things have to be filled up:

  1. First Nama
  2. Surname
  3. Photo Id (Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Passport, or Any National ID)
  4. ID Number
  5. Age
  6. Date Of Birth
  7. Address
  8. City
  9. State
  10. Zip/Postal/Pin Code
  11. Country or Region Of Birth
  12. Primary Language
  13. Language In Which You Are Comfortable During The Course
  14. Email Address
  15. Contact Number
  16. Education
  17. Occupation
  18. Company Name (optional)
  19. Department (optional)
  20. Designation (optional)
  21. Picture (Photo Upload)
  22. Emergency Contact Name
  23. Emergency Contact Number
  24. Emergency Contact Relationship With You

After filling all the columns, click on the “NEXT” button.

STEP 7: Now you are asked personal questions on the page that appears on the screen. like:

  • Physical Health Status
  • Mental Health Status
  • Addiction
  • Relationship Status
  • Reason For Attending The Course

After filling in the information, click the “I Agree” button.

Note: The information you provide is completely confidential. Therefore, only give correct information. Arrangements are made at the center based on the information given by you.

STEP 8: There is no further step. Your application has been submitted. After reviewing your application, you are informed first by Email and later by phone.

What Preparations Do We Have To Make For The Course?

To join the course, we have to show our Government ID at the time of registration. Without the Government ID, we cannot attend the course.

No special preparation is required for the course. We learn and practice Vipassana in the course rather than having a picnic. We can join the course by packing daily use items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.) and a couple of clothes.

For the course, we need more mental preparation than physical. During the 10-day Vipassana Course, people face many mental challenges. If we talk about preparing for the course, then we have to make our mind strong and join the course.

Famous Vipassana Centers In India

  1. Igatpuri Vipassana Center (Dhamma Giri)
  2. Jaipur Vipassana Center (Dhamma Thali)
  3. Delhi Vipassana Center (Dhamma Sota)
  4. Mumbai Vipassana Center (Dhamma Pattana)
  5. Bangalore Vipassana Center (Dhamma Paphulla)
  6. Kolhapur Vipassana Center (Dhammalaya)
  7. Pune Vipassana Center (Dhamma Punna)

10 Day Course Brief

During the 10 Day Vipassana Course, students have to follow the same rules and timetables for 10 days. Here we are giving brief information about 10 days of practice:

  • Day 2: Practice of Anapana differently.
  • Day 3: The practice of observing the sensations above the upper lip and below the nose.
  • Day 4: The students are taught vipassana.
  • Day 5: Practice of Vipassana.
  • Day 6: Practice of Vipassana in straight and reverse order.
  • Day 7, 8, and 9: Practice of Vipassana as per instructions.
  • Day 10: The Noble Silence of the students ends. Now, students can talk among themselves.
  • Day 11: End of course after some formalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the fee of the Vipassana Course?

    Ans: Vipassana course is free.

  2. Does Vipassana have to be practiced even after the end of the course?

    Ans: Yes. In the course, we are only taught Vipassana and practiced for a few days. To reap the benefits of Vipassana meditation we have to practice it regularly. 1-hour of practice in the morning and evening is sufficient.

  3. Can women also take this course?

    Ans: Yes. Vipassana Meditation Course is for everyone. Anybody (children, women, men, old people, etc.) can join the Vipassana course and learn it and take advantage of it.

Our Words

Vipassana is a very beneficial meditation technique. For many years, people are changing their lives by learning and practicing Vipassana. Vipassana has many benefits. To learn this, we have to enroll in its 10-day course. The form has to be filled on the official website of Vipassana. Other courses of Vipassana are conducted at some Vipassana centers.

In the form, there are some personal questions along with general questions, which we have to answer correctly. All our answers are confidential. Our answers help the management of Vipassana to understand our situation. And then the course is managed accordingly.

No special preparation is required for the course. We just have to strengthen our mind and join the course. On completion of the course, we should practice it regularly at home, only then we will be able to take benefits of it.

We appeal to our readers that you should take only 10 days of your long life and join the 10-day Vipassana course.

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