Everything About Bangalore Vipassana Center. Courses, Timetable And Schedule

Bangalore Vipassana Center is also known as Dhamma Paphulla. Dhamma Paphulla means “Cheerfulness Of Dhamma”. Let us provide you complete information about Vipassana Bangalore Center.

Vipassana Bangalore Center – An Introduction

If you live in Karnataka and want to live your life properly by learning Vipassana, then you can do a 10-day course of Vipassana in Bangalore at Dhamma Paphulla. Dhamma Paphulla is one of the major Vipassana Centers of India. It is located in a village called Alur, about 23 kilometers from Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka.

The Bangalore Vipassana Center, spread over 10 acres of land away from the hullabaloo and pollution of the city, provides a high degree of service to the students coming for the course. The center has a capacity of 120 students. Trees and regional birds are seen all around here. The experience of every student doing Vipassana in Bangalore is fantastic. The calm and positive atmosphere here fills the students with energy.

In this article, we will discuss Vipassana Bangalore Center in full. We will also give complete information about the major places of Bangalore Vipassana Center, its rules, timetables, and course.

Address Of Bangalore Vipassana Center (Dhamma Paphulla):

Vipassana Meditation & Research Center
Dhamma Paphulla
Village: Alur
Dasanapura Hobli
Bangalore North Taluk
Phone Nos.- 9972588377, 6361570725, 99009555930, 9845074448
E-mail: [email protected]

How To Reach Bangalore Vipassana Center (Dhamma Paphulla)

As we have already mentioned that the distance of Vipassana Bangalore Center is about 23 kilometers from Bangalore City Railway Station. If we talk about the distance from Yashwantpur to Vipassana Bangalore Center, then it is about 14 kilometers. Let us now know how to reach Bangalore Vipassana Center?

By Bus

By bus we can reach Bangalore Vipassana Center in two ways:

  1. Direct to Alur Village.
  2. Via Makali Bus Stand located on Tumkur road.

Direct Bus To Alur Village:

  • From Majestic: Bus No. 257E
  • From City Market: Bus No. 257
  • From Shivaji Nagar: Bus No. 257H

Via Makali Bus Stand:

Get off at Makali Bus Stop at Tumkur road. Cross the road from Green Overbridge. After crossing the road,auto-rickshaws are easily available for you to visit Vipassana Bangalore Center. Bangalore Vipassana Center is only 3 kilometers from here. You can hire a share or private auto-rickshaw.

How To Reach Makali Bus Stand?

From Majestic:

  • 256
  • 258
  • 258C
  • 258H
  • 258K
  • 258W

From City Market:

  • 256
  • 258

From Yashwantpur: All buses going to Nelamangala stop at Makali Bus Stop on Tumkur Road. The way to get from there to Vipassana Bangalore Center has been explained above.

By Metro

Bangalore Vipassana can also be reached by Metro Train. However, after the train, we also have to catch a bus. Take Green Line Metro and get down at Nagasandra Station. From there take a bus to the Makali Bus Stop. The way to reach Vipassana Bangalore Center (Dhamma Paphulla) from Makali bus stop has been explained above.

By Road

If you want to come to Dhamma Paphulla by car, bike or any other vehicle then take the road for Tumkur Road. After crossing Yashwantpur railway station, Parle Factory, Jindal Naturopathy, Exhibition Ground, you will see Himalaya Drug Company. Next to this company, take a U-Turn under the flyover. Then take a left turn after seeing the signboard of Alur. After about 3 km drive you will reach Alur Gram Panchayat. Vipassana Bangalore Center is a few meters from here. The parking here is very good for the vehicles of all the students who come to learn Vipassana in Bangalore.

By Plane

Bangalore is known as Hi-Tech City in India. It is one of the developed cities of India. It is connected to almost all cities of India and the world by air. You can easily reach Bangalore by flight from any part of the world.

  • Taxi From Bangalore Airport: Airport taxi services are available outside the main gate of the airport. It takes 1 to 2 hours to reach Vipassana Bangalore by catching a taxi from here. However, it also depends on road traffic. The way to reach Bangalore Vipassana by road has been explained above.
  • Bus From Airport: Take the BIAS-09 bus from Bangalore Airport. This bus goes to Majestic Bus Stand. The fare for the bus is Rs. 250/- (approx). The way to get from Majestic to Vipassana Bangalore has been explained above.

Glimpse Of Bangalore Vipassana Center

Dhamma Hall (Meditation Hall)

In the Vipassana tradition, the Meditation Hall is called the Dhamma Hall. This is the most prominent place at Bangalore Vipassana Center. It is almost impossible to describe the positive energy experience of this hall in words. From the first day to the last day of the 10-Day Course, the students practice 10 hours of Anapana and Vipassana in this hall every day. With this, you can get an idea of ​​the positive energy of this Dhamma Hall.

The Dhamma Hall of Bangalore Vipassana Center has a capacity of 120 students. There is a projector screen facing the hall. Videos of S.N. Goenka’s discourses related to Vipassana are played on this screen. There is a seating area for teachers in the front of the hall. Mattresses have been laid for the students to sit. On the first day of the course, the students are given a fixed seat to practice. From the first day to the last day, the students have to practice sitting at their fixed place.

Apart from this big Dhamma Hall, there are also 2 mini Dhamma Halls at Dhamma Paphulla. Videos of Vipassana-related discourses are played here in other languages. The experience of the Dhamma Hall here has always been the best for students coming to learn Vipassana in Bangalore.

Note: Students who have difficulty sitting with folded legs for a long time, if they want, can practice by sitting on the chair with the permission of the teacher.

Dhamma Hall At Bangalore Vipassana Center
Dhamma Hall At Bangalore Vipassana Center

Registration Hall

The registration hall is also an important part of the Vipassana Bangalore Center. This hall is large and airy. Here the registration of students coming for the course is done. Registration is a normal process in which students have to fill the form. Allotment of room for students is also done during registration.

This hall is also used for visitors. Their questions related to Vipassana are answered in this hall.

Note: There are some personal questions also in the registration form. Answers to those questions are kept completely confidential. Therefore, all students should answer those questions correctly.

Student Residence

Excellent arrangements have been made for the stay of students coming to learn Vipassana in Bangalore. There are 48 single rooms here. These rooms are divided into blocks. Every room is full of amenities. Arrangements have been made for the stay of one or at most two students in one room. Each room has an attached bathroom. Bathrooms have hot and cold water for bathing. Facilities like bed, light, fan, water, etc. are available. There is a separate and good arrangement for the stay of students with disabilities.

Note: Bangalore Vipassana is a developing center. Many types of construction works are going on here. More rooms are being constructed to improve the living arrangements of the students who come to learn and practice Vipassana.

Room Blocks At Bangalore Vipassana Center
Room Blocks At Bangalore Vipassana Center

Kitchen And Dining Hall

There is a good arrangement of food for the students who come to learn Vipassana in Bangalore. Recently a new kitchen has been constructed here which is fully equipped with facilities. The cleanliness of the kitchen here is incomparable. Talking about the purity and quality of food, it meets both these criteria. Only vegetarian breakfast and food are prepared in the kitchen.

The dining hall of Bangalore Vipassana Center is very organized, clean, and big. Dining Hall timing:

  • Breakfast: 6:30 am to 8:00 am
  • Lunch: 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Evening Tea Break: 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Note: Dinner is not available for students. This is one of the rules of the course.


Pagoda is under construction in Vipassana Bangalore Center. Very soon the construction work of this place will be completed and students will be able to take advantage of it. Pagoda is the place where students practice Vipassana in solitude. Pagoda consists of small cells (cabins). Students are sent to Pagoda for practice 4-5 days after the start of the course. By practicing Vipassana at Pagoda, our mind becomes sharper.

Teacher Residence

This is the place where the teachers of Vipassana stay during the course. No students coming to learn Vipassana in Bangalore are allowed to come here. Center employees and Dhamma Sevaks can visit this place. This place is very beautiful. It looks like a bungalow from outside.

Walking Area

This area is very beautiful. Students who come to learn Vipassana in Bangalore take a walk in this area during breaks. The wide path and the beautiful trees around the path give the students relief during the break. Students are strictly forbidden to do any kind of exercise during the course. Walking is allowed only.

Walking area at Bangalore Vipassana Center (Dhamma Paphulla)
Walking Area

Rules And Timetable

Not only the Bangalore Vipassana Center but every Vipassana center of the world has some rules and a fixed timtable. The most important thing is that these rules and timetables are the same at every center of the world. These rules are very strict and all the students (old and new) coming to the course have to follow them.

Some rules at Bangalore Vipassana Center:

  • Noble Silence (Most Important)
  • 5 Precepts
  • No Exercise
  • No Rituals
  • No Writing or Reading

Note: Dhamma Sevaks are always present at the center to ensure proper adherence to rules and timetables. If a student violates the rules, Dhamma Sevaks join hands and beg him/her not to do so.

Courses At Vipassana Banglore

Several types of courses are conducted at Vipsana Bangalore Center. Vipassana is the basis of all courses. Let’s know about the courses to be conducted at Bangalore Vipassana Center:

  • 10-Day Course: Anyone above 18 years of age can attend a 10-Day Vipassana Course here. The course is conducted in English, Hindi, and Kannada languages.
  • Anapana Course For Children: Anapana is the first and tiniest step to learn Vipassana. For the first 3 days of the 10-Day Course, students are practiced Anapana only. If anyone gets to learn it in childhood, then it is a matter of good fortune. Keeping this in mind, Anapana courses are conducted for children at many centers of the world. This course is held once a month in Dhamma Paphulla. This course is for 7 hours and it is mandatory to register in advance.
  • 7-Day Course For Teenagers: Teenage is a very delicate part of anyone’s life. During this period of age, tremendous and rapid changes take place in the body and mind. People can still understand the change of the body, but it is almost impossible to understand and control the storm that arises in the mind in this age. If seeds of Vipassana are sown in the mind at this age, then its results are very beneficial. Keeping this in mind, a 7-Day Vipassana camp is conducted at many centers, which are specially for teenagers. People from 15 to 19 years can attend this course.

How To Apply?

You can apply for various courses here by visiting the official website of Bangalore Vipassana Center. During the application, you are asked general as well as some personal questions. You have to answer all those questions correctly. The answers given by you are useful during your course.

If you are selected for the course then you are informed by email and phone. While coming to the center for the course, you have to bring the call letter and your Government Identity Card (Pan Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving Licence, Passport, or any other ID).

Note: If for some reason you cannot attend the course, then you should give prior information to Vipassana Bangalore Center so that your place can be given to any other candidate. If you do not do this, the space of a student at the center will remain empty.


  1. what Is Vipassana?

    Ans: Vipassana is a kind of meditation technique in which we root out the hidden impurities in the depths of our subconscious mind. Read more

  2. What Is Anapana?

    Ans: Anapana is the first step of Vipassana. In this, we concentrate and sharpen our mind by concentrating on our incoming and outgoing breaths. Read more

  3. Who Can Learn Vipassana?

    Ans: Anyone can learn Vipassana. People of every religion, caste, sect, and country learn Vipassana and change their lives.

  4. Who are Dhamma Sevaks?

    Ans: Dhamma Sevakas are those old students of Vipassana who have attended the 10-day course at least two times. They are volunteers who help the institution to maintain order at the center during the course.


Vipassana Bangalore Center (Dhamma Paphulla) is an emerging center. This center, which is settled out of Bangalore, is green and quiet. It is a different pleasure to practice vipassana meditation in the serene environment here. All the students who have come to the course have a good arrangement of living.

Bangalore Vipassana Center can be reached easily from any corner of the world. The center has some rules. Students have to complete the course by following those rules. Dhamma Hall (Meditation Hall), Registration Hall, Student Residence, Teacher Residence, Pagoda under construction, and Walking Area are among the prominent places here.

If you live around Bangalore and want to eliminate the disorders of your mind and live a life of peace and bliss, then apply for a course at the Bangalore Vipassana Center today. Words fall short to explain the benefits of Vipassana Meditation.

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