13 Miraculous Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation

 Vipassana is a precious gem. This is the treasure after which man gradually gets rid of all his worries and sorrows. Before knowing the benefits of Vipassana Meditation, let’s understand a little about Vipassana.

What Is Vipassana?

Vipassana means “ To See The Things As It Is ”. Vipassana is a kind of meditation that is based on the science of mind and matter. Vipassana teaches us that how do mind and body influence each other. It all happens at the depth of our mind. Our conscious mind does not know what reactions are taking place at the level of the unconscious mind.

Our mind develops a habit of craving and aversion. When there is a pleasant sensation, the mind starts craving for it, and whenever there is an unpleasant sensation it starts aversion. When mind acts like this, we lose our peace and balance of our mind. 

Vipassana eliminates the root cause of craving and aversion. In this article, we will understand the benefits of Vipassana meditation as well as the history and science behind it.

A Woman is sitting on floor doing Vipassana to get the benefits of vipassana meditation
Woman Doing Vipassana

History Of Vipassana

Vipassana is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation. It was discovered by Gautam Buddha more than 2500 years ago. Gautam Buddha was the son of a King. He left everything and set out in search of the supreme truth. He wanted to know the purpose of his existence. After many years of penance, he got enlightened. And he gave us Vipassana. After knowing the benefits of Vipassana Meditation, you will be attracted to it yourself.

Science Behind Vipassana

Vipassana is a scientific technique. It is the science of mind and matter. In Vipassana, we train our mind to always remain equanimous. For this,  first, our breath is used as a tool then we use our body sensations as a tool. Our subconscious mind reacts every moment to the various sensations that arise on our body. It craves for good sensations and does not want unpleasant sensations.

In Vipassana, we train our subconscious mind to remain equanimous and aware of every type of sensation that arises on our body. Whenever a Sankhara arrives on our body in the form of sensation and we remain aware and equanimous, then that Sankhara does not accumulate in our subconscious mind.

Not only that, the Sankhara which comes in the form of body sensation gets destroyed immediately by staying equanimous. In this way, new Sankharas are not formed and old sankharas are destroyed one by one. This is one of the major benefits of Vipassana Meditation which we will discuss further.

Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation

There are numerous benefits of Vipassana Meditation. Here, we are mentioning the 13 most important benefits of Vipassana Meditation :


The list of the benefits of Vipassana Meditation starts with Equanimity. This is the main goal of Vipassana Meditation. Equanimity means to keep our mind the same in every situation. Whether the circumstances are favorable or unfavorable, they do not affect our mind, it is called equanimity.

We go through different situations in our lifetimes. Some of those situations are favorable for us and some are unfavorable. Our mind keeps reacting to those situations every moment. Vipassana changes the habit of our subconscious mind of reacting every moment to those favorable and unfavorable situations.

Whenever our mind reacts to those situations, the Sankharas keep accumulating and growing in our subconscious mind. Due to this, the habit of our mind to react to favorable and unfavorable situations increases. This hurts our mind as well as our body.

By staying equanimous, the Sankharas in our subconscious mind get destroyed when they come out in the form of sensations.

Such people are called Stith Pragya in Bhagwad Geeta ( Chapter 5, Verse 3 ).

Increases Focus & Concentration

This is one of the prime benefits of Vipassana Meditation. Most of us lack concentration. This is a common and big problem in students.

Events ( good or bad ) in our life leave impressions on our subconscious mind. Our mind is entangled in those past events and future plans. This affects our subconscious mind badly.

Vipassana miraculously increases our concentration. It is a technique that immediately affects our ability to concentrate. This effect is seen within 10 days.

Keeps Us In Present Moment

Every Spiritual Path teaches and preaches us to live in the present moment. Vipassana is one of the prime spiritual paths. It keeps our conscious and subconscious mind in the present moment very easily. Living in the present moment is nothing less than a blessing. People do so many practices to keep their mind in the present moment.

Keeping our mind in the present moment is the solution to all the problems of our life. If we see it practically, then we will know that all the problems of our life are in the past and the future. Problems do not exist in the present moment. You can try this now.

But the functioning of our mind is such that it remains entangled in the past and the future. Vipassana removes this habit of our mind and keeps it in the present moment.

Relieves Loneliness

The Feeling of loneliness is one of the major problems of human life. On the other hand, one of the prime benefits of Vipassana Meditation is that when we start doing this meditation we feel ourselves complete from inside, even in loneliness.

We are always afraid of loneliness and try to run away from it. The thoughts that come to our mind in loneliness affect us adversely. And to get rid of this loneliness we do different activities (sometimes good and sometimes bad activities).

In Vipassana, we are able to know ( practically ) that every person on this earth is complete in itself. Incompleteness and loneliness are just thought. It has nothing to do with reality. Vipassana makes us feel complete. And we remain happy even in loneliness because we know that loneliness does not exist.


There is always a lack of clarity in our lives. We do not set the goals of our life. Even if, we set our goals, we do not stick to them. This is a major problem.

As we mature in Vipassana, our clarity towards ourselves and on life increases. We go into the depths of everything and understand its good and bad consequences. We start everything with a lot of clarity. Being clear, we stick to the work we have started.

Understanding Of Right & Wrong

This is important. We all think of ourselves as smart. Everything we do is good in our understanding. This is not true. This just a trick of the mind. The Mind gets us to do everything it likes.

Sometimes we act as good but its result is bad. And on the other hand, many times we do not start something for fear of bad results. Later, we learn that our decision was wrong.

Vipassana develops the ability to make decisions through intelligence that is beyond the mind. It grows our understanding and ability to make the right decisions. Vipassana develops the art of focusing on work without worrying about the consequences.

Freedom From Addictions

The List of the benefits of Vipassana Meditation cannot be complete without it. This is one of the most important benefits of Vipassana Meditation.

Addiction does not only mean drinking alcohol, smoking, taking drugs, and tobacco. What is Addiction?

Addiction :

  • Consuming anything over and over again regardless of its bad consequences.
  • Doing any work regardless of the bad consequences. Getting so used to that work, that if we do not do that work then we feel restless and angry from inside. Like Mobile, Social Media, Mobile or Computer Games, Eating Tasty and Unhealthy Food, etc.

Some addictions are good. Such as:

  • Service to mankind.
  • Do more for others than yourself.
  • Compassion
  • Mercy
  • Non Violence
  • Stick to goodness and truth regardless of the consequences.

Vipassana weakens the bad addictions on the level of our subconscious mind by keeping the mind equanimous. It strengthens the addictions of mercy and compassion.

Practical Development

Practical development means that our relationship with others will be even better. Everyone likes a calm and kind person. Relations of such people are good and strong with everyone. Seeing and meeting them make everyone feel good inside. People want to be like them.

Vipassana plays an important role here. One of the benefits of Vipassana Meditation is that it roots out Sankharas like anger, greed, lust, etc. Good Sankharas like kindness and compassion develop in people. That is why Vipassana Meditators have a magnetic attraction.


Being impatient is a disease of the mind. People do not take this seriously. We want everything immediately. When we start any work, we think more about the results it gives than instead of putting good efforts and mind in the work.

We are so impatient in studies, jobs, and normal life that due to this impatience, sometimes we do a lot of damage. Later we realize that we should have stuck to it with patience. Lack of patience is one of the major reasons for the ruin of married life.

Vipassana strengthens our patience like a rock. It destroys the seed of this disease of the mind. We become patient and stick to our works and words. In our ancient scriptures like Bible, Quran, Ramayana, Mahabharat, Guru Granth Sahib, this quality is especially seen in the protagonists.

Importance Of Time

Time Is Money.” We always hear this from successful and intelligent people.

We also understand that we should good use of our time instead of wasting it doing unimportant works. Knowing that wasting time is not less than a crime, we are unable to control it. We do not lack time but we lack the desire to use time properly. We spend most of the time doing wasteful works and sitting thinking.

Vipassana develops the art of utilizing time amazingly. We learn to live in the present moment from Vipassana. We start understanding the importance of the present moment. We stop wasting our time and start its good use.

Good Sleep

Yes, that’s true. One of the benefits of Vipassana Meditation is that it enhances the quality (not quantity) of our sleep. If we do Vipassana regularly before going to bed, then there is a tremendous change in the quality of our sleep.

Quality of sleep matters, not quantity. If we sleep 3-4 hours after doing Vipassana, we feel refreshed after waking up. That freshness is not possible even after 8-10 hours of sleep.

There is a scientific reason behind it. Vipassana or any other spiritual path is nothing but science. Spirituality is the science of mind and body. Vipassana teaches us to be equanimous. Whenever our mind is equanimous, it has an immediate effect on our body and psychological structure. Whenever we sleep in equanimity, we feel refreshed after waking up.

Frees Us From Sankharas

Everyone wants to live a life of peace and joy. But this does not happen. Accumulated Sankharas in our body and mind such as anger, greed, jealousy, malice, etc. do not allow this to happen.

Altogether there are 108 types of rites on which our mind reacts every moment. In such a way how can one live full peace and blissful life?

Vipassana plays an important role here. There are endless benefits of Vipassana Meditation. In Vipassana, we root out those Sankharas by going to the depths of our subconscious mind.

With the end of Sankharas, the habit of the mind to react to every moment also ends. And we live a life of joy and happiness.

Nirvana ( The Enlightenment )

The final and only goal of every spiritual path is to reach the state of Nirvana ( The Enlightenment ). This is the most prominent of the numerous benefits of Vipassana Meditation.

Nirvana means Enlightenment. When we know the reality of our existence, that is called Nirvana. After Nirvana, there is nothing left to know about anything. The person becomes stable. This is a state of ecstasy. The person realizes that he is a part of that Supreme Reality. This is a very rare state.

Vipassana is one of the major spiritual paths. When the person reaches advanced stages while doing Vipassana and also crosses those advanced stages, then the state of Nirvana comes.

Some More Information

Discussion On The Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation With Acharya S.N. Goinka

How To Learn Vipassana?

To reap the benefits of Vipassana Meditation, we first have to learn it. It is available as a 10-day course at various Vipassana Meditation centers. For the first three and a half days of this course, we are made to practice Anapana Meditation. In Anapana, we keep our mind subtle and concentrated by focusing on the incoming and outgoing breath.

To enroll in the course, we have to apply through its official website. Then we are informed by phone and mail.This course is free. No fee of any kind is charged for the course. Apart from 10 Day Courses, there are other courses of Vipassana which are available only for the old students.

Alternative To Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana is priceless. It cannot be compared with any other meditation. But it is also true that learning Vipassana is not easy. It requires hard work, discipline, and patience to learn it. It is impossible to learn it while staying at home or listening. Even after joining the 10 days program, it can be learned only after facing many problems.

I have been practicing Vipassana for almost 8 years. I have inspired many people to learn and practice Vipassana. I get mails from many people that it is not possible for them to take out 10 days of life to learn Vipassana. Knowing about the difficulties faced while learning Vipassana, people get nervous and start thinking about alternatives of Vipassana.

I get many emails in which people ask about the best alternative to Vipassana. Although there is no alternative to Vipassana, but if you desire is to learn new dimensions of meditation and spiritual world, then I recommend people to learn and practice Mindful Meditation.

Mindful Meditation is also like a course but it does not require strict rules and discipline to learn. You can learn this while staying at home. Its benefits are also innumerable.

Although you can learn Mindful Meditation from anywhere, it is not free like Vipassana. There is a fee for this course. I learned it before Vipassana and practiced it for a year. The results were positive.

Every meditation has a goal. The goal of Vipassana is to destroy the diseases of the mind hidden in the depths of our subconscious mind. Vipassana works very deeply, so it takes time.

On the other hand, the goal of Mindful Meditation is to focus our mind completely on the present and to experience what is happening in the present moment with full concentration. Living in the present moment enables us to see even those truths that no one knows about.

If you are also looking for an alternative to Vipassana, then I recommend you to learn mindful meditation based on my experience. This is the best alternative to Vipassana. You can learn more about it by clicking the button below. And if the information sounds good, you can enroll in Mindful Meditation.

Apply For Mindful Meditation


The benefits of Vipassana Meditation are indescribable. It is like the pearl in the ocean. We have described a few benefits of Vipassana Meditation in the above article.

If you want to live a life of peace and happiness, if you want to get rid of the diseases of the mind, then you must learn and do Vipassana

We tried to provide as much information as possible through this article on the benefits of Vipassana Meditation. We also tried to make you understand the benefits of Vipassana Meditation.

Apply For The Course

Famous Vipassana Centers In India:

  1. Igatpuri Vipassana Center (Dhamma Giri)
  2. Jaipur Vipassana Center (Dhamma Thali)
  3. Mumbai Vipassana Center (Dhamma Pattana)
  4. Delhi Vipassana Center (Dhamma Sota)
  5. Bangalore Vipassana Center (Dhamma Paphulla)
  6. Kolhapur Vipassana Center (Dhammalaya)
  7. Pune Vipassana Center (Dhamma Punna)

Thanks for reading this article on the Benefits Of Vipassana Meditation. Be Happy.

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